Kim Bates

Mentor/Health & Wellness Coach

Kim Bates is an accomplished healthcare professional, mentor, human rights consultant, aspiring author, and mental health advocate. She is a humble God-fearing individual with a charming personality that exudes warmth and professionalism and brings a sense of calm and structure to everything she encounters. Her credentials include a degree in Social Work and a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science and certifications in career pathways.

 In a professional career expanding well over four decades, Kim has accumulated comprehensive expertise in the fields of phlebotomy, healthcare, and human services, with an elevated level of technical and commercial awareness demonstrated by an exceptional record of achievements. She is an adaptable individual with a proven ability to perform in a multicultural environment. She is a leader and can take responsibility for any assignment through to completion and work effectively with people from different backgrounds. Her philosophy is to embrace difficulty to improve continuously and bring order to a dysfunctional lifestyle. Kim aspires to devote her time, energy, and talents to supporting women in achieving their objectives and living successful and inspirational life. She wants to empower women worldwide with her writings and envisions breaking the stigma on mental health, growth, and healing. She wants to leave a legacy for women by encouraging them to believe in themselves and their potential and transform them into a magnet of success in all areas of life by becoming the best version of themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Kim loves working with families and offers guidance or coaching to help families learn new and different ways of thinking to thrive together. She assists them in improving their connection and communication, getting their individual needs met, and providing each other with emotional support.

Kim always had a knack for reading and writing, and the desire to share her knowledge and experience inspired her to become an author. She aims to use her writings to help women of all ages and backgrounds develop strong leadership qualities, high self-esteem, and confidence so that they can fearlessly follow their aspirations and live a life based on their passion and purpose. She values the opportunity to serve, support, help, and contribute to individuals and families in the community by utilizing the knowledge, skills, and resources amassed over the years.

Outside work, Kim is a community advocate vested in developing the community and the people around her. She wants to build a stronger community with quality education and structural training. Kim has been married for thirty-eight years and enjoys a very active and fulfilling social life. She is an inspiration for her children and grandchildren, who are at the core of everything she does.

“The More You Praise and Celebrate Your Life, the More There is in Life to Celebrate.” – Oprah Winfrey

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